What is iRest?

Integrative Restoration, (iRest), is an six or eight session meditation training that has been developed by Richard Miller PhD. iRest includes but is not limited to aspects of mindfulness practice. It is integrative because it supports participants in becoming fully functioning, integrated and healthy human beings. It is restorative because it seeks to enable participants to recover their innate sense of joy, peace and wellbeing, enabling feelings of connection with themselves and all of life.

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iRest is a research-based transformative practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry that:

iRest is an educational practice that focuses on health and healing at all levels of your life: physical, psychological and spiritual. It’s a healing program that respects your age, culture, religion and philosophical orientation. iRest teaches you self-care tools that lead you to experience self-mastery, resilience and wellbeing and to live your life with meaning and purpose.

How Does it Work?

iRest uses a deep form of meditative practice known as Yoga Nidra which is usually practiced in a stationary lying down posture. Yoga Nidra has been shown to support psychological, physical and spiritual healing. Yoga Nidra enables participants to access states of consciousness beyond those experienced in mindfulness meditations and to access deep states of relaxation.

iRest seeks to go beyond observing thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations and to explore the nature of awareness itself. This can give a more spacious perspective on the unfolding of life and lead to less identification with what arises.

Each week will consist of a short introduction to the theme for that session and any relevant theory will also be explained. There will be an opportunity to practice iRest meditations and to share experiences within the group.

Throughout the course, participants will be asked to commit to a daily practice consisting of guided iRest meditations. There will also be some journaling tasks to enable participants to deepen their understanding of the practices.

The course includes all guided meditations, a workbook and telephone/email support for the duration of the course.

Course Contents

Who will benefit?

Those seeking to deepen their existing mindfulness and meditation practice and who are interested in continued transformation and growth. iRest has also been proven to help people in a variety of situations and contexts including:

How Does iRest compare to Mindfulness?

Attendee Suitability

The course is suitable for most participants and particularly those who have already attended an eight week mindfulness course. However some practices may not be suitable for those with certain pre-existing mental health conditions. If you suffer from any existing mental health conditions, please check with your doctor or specialist before booking. In addition, please inform us of any physical, emotional or mental health issues which could affect your participation in the course at the time of booking. All information given will be treated in strictest confidence. Please also note that attendees must be at least 18 years age.

Your Facilitator

Sarah Gulland is an experienced practitioner and facilitator with the following experience:

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Cancellation Policy

If you cancel more than 14 days prior to the start of your booked course, we will refund your fee minus a £50 cancellation charge. We regret that cancellations 14 days or less before the start of your booked course cannot be refunded.

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Thank you so much Sarah! You have taken me on a journey that I had never thought I would take. An amazing forever experience. For that, thank you

It has been an incredible journey. You have a calm and tranquil aura that helps to ground us- I loved it, thank you

I would like to thank you so much Sarah for what has been a really wonderful eight weeks. I know that you have touched my life as well as the others on the course

I have loved every minute of the journey since I first met you - thank you so much

Sarah, you were such a super teacher. Kind and patient but clear about the direction the teaching was going. I loved the meditations and will miss the weekly classes