Do you suffer from stress and the suffering associated with stress?

Mindfulness means deliberately attending to and becoming more aware of our experience: of our thoughts, feelings and body sensations. This allows us to clearly perceive these thoughts, physical sensations, emotions and events at the moment they occur and without reacting in an automatic and habitual way. By developing a new relationship with the conditions that we find ourselves in we can begin to respond creatively. Mindfulness doesn't get rid of our problems but gives us a choice as to how we respond to them.

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The course focuses on the experiential practice of mindfulness, of being present with what is happening around us and within us. Rather than moving away from what is present, mindfulness happens when we come into the here and now, to simply be with what is already here. This natural human quality allows us to shift out of the mode of constant “doing” that we often find ourselves in, to come into a more balanced mode of “being”, a relaxed present moment awareness. By spending time in this present moment awareness we can:

Who will benefit?

Mindfulness has been proven to benefit participants experiencing a wide variety of conditions or situations, including:

Course contents

Although there is a structure to the course, we have the possibility to adapt the course to work most effectively with the participants in each group. A weekly break-down of a typical course looks like this:

How Does It Work?

The course combines weekly sessions with daily home practice.

The weekly sessions provide an opportunity to practice mindfulness together as a group, to discuss personal experiences and hear about others' experiences. Mindfulness practice during the weekly sessions typically combines sitting and gentle movement meditation with some sessions also incorporating mindful eating and mindful communication experiences.

Each week, participants are asked to commit to a daily home practice comprising of formal meditation practices and "mini-meditations" which can be practiced throughout the day to bring mindful awareness into participants’ daily life.

The course also includes guided meditation MP3s/CDs, a course workbook, and telephone/email support throughout the course.

Your Facilitator

Neil Tranter

“I discovered meditation 15 years ago during a particularly stressful time in my life. At the time I was suffering from panic attacks and constant mental chatter, both of which were very tiring. Mindfulness and meditation gave me a way to significantly reduce both of these symptoms and also gave me clarity to see a way forward, and to grow as a person. In fact mindfulness and meditation have had such a positive impact on my life that I decided to focus my energy on the study of mindfulness, deepening my own practice, and sharing meditation and mindfulness with others. I now teach 8 week meditation and mindfulness programmes, run retreats and provide mindfulness based awareness coaching.”

With a background in physics, software engineering and management of large teams, Neil provides a pragmatic approach to mindfulness and meditation which balances the intellectual with the spiritual.

Neil benefits from the following experience:

Also regularly attending retreats and courses to develop his personal and professional practice, including:

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Attendee Suitability

Meditation and Mindfulness are suitable for most participants; however these practices may not be suitable for those with certain pre-existing mental health conditions. If you suffer from any existing mental health conditions, please check with your doctor or specialist before booking. In addition, please inform us of any physical, emotional or mental health issues which could affect your participation in the course at the time of booking. All information given will be treated in strictest confidence. Please also note that attendees must be at least 18 years age.

Upcoming Courses:

Currently we are offering the Mindfulness for Stress Course on a One-to-One basis.
We are able to start the course with you at any time and tailor it to your needs.
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Cancellation Policy

If you cancel more than 14 days prior to the start of your booked course, we will refund your fee minus a £50 cancellation charge. We regret that cancellations 14 days or less before the start of your booked course cannot be refunded.

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The course was facilitated in a very professional manner with much thought being put into all nuances of it. I found Neil's presence and the way he conducted the course very healing due to his gentle manner. I liked his willingness to share some of his own learning and struggles without losing a sense for appropriate boundaries. The retreat day - including Josey's delicious food - was a special treat and bonus to the course and well worth the extra hours of attendance.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Mindfulness course over the past 6 weeks. It was everything (and more) that I hoped it would be. Your teaching of the concept and practices of Mindfulness was done in such an easy to understand manner and with such kindness and, very importantly, fun. It also turned out that we had such a warm, friendly and open group so it couldn't have been better.

Thank you very much for the Meditation Classes we have just concluded. They were very useful as well as enjoyable and I think have helped me to address the issues in my life that have been concerning me as well as helping to enhance my life by being more mindful. You ran the classes in a very thoughtful and relaxed way that was very beneficial to the experience of mindfulness.

Absolutely loved the course and Neil's tuition style. I'm going to ensure that meditation becomes an integral part of my life...

A perfect introduction to mindfulness and meditation, great explanation and guidance of a variety of different meditations and mindfulness practices...

I gained insights into who I am, and have also begun to notice that my inner confidence is improving as I continue to practice...

Gentle approach to meditation. I've seen a wide variety of meditation techniques in a short time. Neil's open honest approach works well for someone who comes from an IT background, such as myself.

This is a great course for busy people who want to de-stress and feel calmer...