Sarah Gulland

Private Sessions with Sarah Gulland In-Person or Online

If you’re unable to attend a group mindfulness course or would prefer a more personalised approach, we offer one to one sessions both in-person and on Skype or Facetime. These sessions can be tailored to meet your needs and specific requirements. Sessions can cover the following areas:

To find out more call 07828 629356 or contact us via our

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What Happens During One to One Sessions?

Before your appointment, we will ask you to complete a registration form. This will help us to understand your needs to and to ensure that we can offer appropriate support and guidance.

The first appointment usually lasts for 1½ hours and is an opportunity to begin to explore the themes that have been presented on the registration form. The sessions will include dialogue and guided mindfulness practice and we will take the session at your pace. Everything that we discuss will be taken in strict confidence. As mindfulness and meditation is taught experientially, it is likely that you will be introduced to at least one mindfulness and meditation practice in your first session. We will then typically record a personalised meditation to practice at home in between sessions.

Subsequent appointments last for 1 hour depending upon need. We offer full support via email and phone in between sessions.

Listen to Sarah's Guided Meditations

What is your approach?

We are passionate about teaching practical mindfulness tools that can have an immediately positive impact in a variety of contexts. Our core values are:

Who Will My Sessions Be With?

Our one to one sessions are with Sarah Gulland. Sarah is an experienced and passionate teacher of mindfulness and meditation both in the group and one to one context. She is fully insured and complies with the Good Practice Guidelines of the UK Network of Mindfulness Teachers. Her qualifications include:

Sarah has experience working with public groups, companies, schools, rehab centres and in prison. As a former director of an aerospace engineering company she has a particular interest in work related stress. A busy mum of three, she brings a down to earth, humorous and compassionate approach to her work.

How can I book or find out more?

To book an appointment or to find out more, please call Sarah directly on 07828 629356 or email us via our Contact form.

You are professional, kind and warm. It's been such a privilege to be on this journey with an intuitive and brilliant teacher

I feel that I have been given a gift- a chance to explore and let go of some things which have had a negative effect on my life for so long

Excellent. You have a lovely, restful rhythm to your voice and working with you has given me so many valuable realisations.

Sarah has offered tools for life which have been very helpful

You made me believe in myself again through your teaching - Life Changing.